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Monday, April 19, 2010

The Landing Place - an adventure novel for YA

 Well The Landing Place is now in print!

Now here's the dilemna, to put it on Amazon or promote it through social networking.  On the other hand, Roman Carnival is still awaiting cover design, final proof reading and printing -all by 21st May? My origin goal was to put Roman Carnival on Amazon and invite readers to purchase on the same day to give me a decent ranking.  Now what do I do?

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Landing Place - an adventure novel for YA

Well my man at Winepress tells me that my novel: The Landing Place is in the post.  Perhaps it will arrive  tomorrow?  Well, my first job will be to place it on Amazon and then ask people to review it.  Now who should I ask? I shall put it on pokrovpress.com as well and send it out to my list of church friends.

Miracle or coincidence?  Young Nikolai must make split-second decisions if he is to survive not only physically but also mentally.  Read this exciting adventure.... in The Landing Place, due to be on the shelves sometime this week.