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Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting ideas from the past

NO I  did not want to be a writer from early age. Sure, I wrote short pieces with stick men pictures and I once wrote a play based on Julius Caesar.  I read very little.  The main influence in my life were the movies and steam radio.

I did not start writing fiction until 1978 when I worked on 3 novels simultaneously.... not completing any of them.  Okay so writing is not for me. Off I went into teaching and fell in love with storytelling. I read stories and we acted them out with sound effects and occasional music (no piano).

I started writing computer books in the 80s....gave up  for many years and then did writing for hire for computer authors.  It is only recently that I dug out old m/ss, typed on an ancient olivetti and started writing seriously.  I can't stop.

My motivation? I can't find what I like to read so decided to write my own.  However the greater motivation was to get a Christian message to young readers, without preaching (I write sermons and am working on spiritual books for adults).  I have my first novel: The LANDING PLACE coming out soon...published by Winepress and my second now in the second stage in the Penguin Competition. 
Sure..I'm a newbee or should I say aged bee...but with God's help I shall provide some good, edifying and fun reading for my young friends out there.

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